1. Alcohol consumption should NOT take place along the parade route. Open containers containing alcoholic beverages are illegal on the streets and sidewalks. You will be subject to receiving a costly ticket and/or arrest from the Chicago Police Department. Instead, bring plenty of bottled water and sun screen and dress lightly!!!

2. The parade starts at 12 Noon. So, arrive early to find a good spot.

3. Parking in the area is limited, so walk, take public transportation (or if you must drive, then car pool). For travel to the Parade ride the CTA/PACE/METRA www.transitchicago.com 1-312-836-7000 or www.metrarail.com 1-312-322-6900.

4. The entire parade route (both sides of Halsted Street, Belmont Avenue, Broadway Avenue and Diversey Parkway) will be lined with barricades. Spectators will be required to stand behind the barricades, not in the street. Besides the parade registrants traveling down the middle of the street, only police officers, other city officials, parade marshals and credentialed members of the media will be allowed in the street.

5. Keep the area clean by using trash barrels.

6. Since crowds have increased in recent years on Halsted Street, spectators are being asked to try other sections of the new parade route to view the parade (for example, 4000 to 4300 N. Broadway). Spectators must watch the parade on the parade route, not in the assembly area.

7. City ordinance prevents parade participants from tossing items to spectators. Likewise, spectators should not toss items back to parade participants. Spectators are not allowed to walk into the street to get items. Spectators must wait until parade participants come to the sidelines to hand out items. Parade participants are not allowed to hand out items to spectators who are standing on sidewalks in the assembly area. (So, spectators who want sample items must view the parade from the actual parade route.)

8. Do NOT use high-powered water rifles, "Super Soakers" or squirt guns, because they could cause injuries.

9. Each year when the parade ends, spectators are kept out of the street because the Streets and Sanitation Department removes barricades and begins cleaning the streets. Then, the police reopen the streets to traffic.

10. As in past years, police personnel and PRIDEChicago marshals will be on hand, but spectators can be a big help by obeying the above rules, and those listed in the Updated Parade Rules listed in the Pride Guide booklet (available at metro-Chicago locations or via the U.S. Mail).