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May 26, 2021: PRIDEChicago is announcing a new date for the 2021 Chicago Pride Parade:
Sunday, October 3, 2021
The Parade will begin at 12 Noon.
The Parade route will remain the same as past years:
Beginning at Montrose and Broadway and then moving south on Broadway to Halsted and continuing south on Halsted to Belmont where it turns east to Broadway and then south on Broadway to Diversey where it again turns east on Diversey to the end point at Cannon Drive.
We anticipate that everything else will remain the same as in past years
Please understand that this is a ONE TIME change in the date for the Pride Parade.  This was made necessary by COVID-19 and concerns for the safety of participants and onlookers were a parade to take place in June of this year.
Next year the Pride Parade will take place on Sunday, June 26, 2022.
This year’s parade takes place at the beginning of LGBTQ History Month.  We will be celebrating our part in that history and encourage everyone to explore our LGBTQ history and see how we reached where we are today and the LGBTQ people from the past who helped to make it happen.
We also encourage everyone to celebrate June Pride Month.  Take part in Pride Month events whether in person or virtual.
We will be sending out Pride Parade applications mid to late June.
We look forward to a Happy Pride Month and, for this year, a Happy Pride Parade at the start of LGBTQ History Month.
Times are better, but still be safe.

Tim Frye
2021 Pride Parade Coordinator


Historically, in the 1970's and 1980's, Pride events were concentrated during a week called "Pride Week" in Chicago, as well as other cities nationwide. However, as the communities grew, there was a realization both locally and nationally that Pride Week needed to be expanded to "Pride Month" in order to accommodate the abundance of events. Spacing events over an entire month allows potential participants the choice of selecting events that they want to attend at their leisure.

Now, every year in Chicago, June Pride Month features close to one hundred different social, cultural, athletic and political events coordinated by various community organizations, groups and individuals. The events take place in different areas of the Chicago metro area. They include choral concerts, workshops, dances, picnics, religious services, plays, film screenings, 5K & 10 K runs, several festivals, a dyke march and the Annual Pride Parade, just to name a few.

Every year, these events are compiled by us, PRIDEChicago, to create the June Pride Month Calendar. The calendar is featured on our web site,  and in local LGBTQ publications. If there is an event that an organization, group or individual wants to schedule during June Pride Month, all they have to do is to organize it, send us the information and it can be added to the the calendar for widespread exposure.

However, our primary responsibility is to coordinate the Chicago Annual Pride Parade. The parade is scheduled each year for the last Sunday in June.

Each year, parade entries, as well as groups sponsoring Pride Month events, have the option of using the international theme, or a theme or slogan of their own choice. This year's international theme is: "Exist. Persist. Resist.". No matter how an individual wants to commemorate and celebrate Pride, there is an event or function that can fit the needs of most people.

At the end of February, the information and registration forms for June Pride Month and the Pride Parade are sent to our email list. At that time, participants begin registering their entries. In addition, groups and individuals coordinating June Pride Month events begin submitting their events for inclusion on the June Pride Month Calendar (featured elsewhere on this web site.)

See Parade Information page for more details.

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